Book Review: By Invitation Only by Kimberly Knight

Book Review: By Invitation Only by Kimberly Knight

Hey babes! I have another book review for you! It’s called By Invitation Only. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Kimberly Knight before. I’m not sure how I came across this one but once I read the blurb and a sample, I had to read it!!



A sacred place free from judgement or inhibitions.
The only rule: Ask before you touch.

Sensation is an exclusive black-tie party attended by at least one hundred and fifty of the clubs most privileged members, and held once a month at an undisclosed mansion in Beverly Hills.

You may watch.
You may interact.
You can come together or you can choose to come alone.

The choice is yours.

Would you like it rough?
Would you like to be caressed and worshipped?
Or would you simply like to observe?

What do you desire?

My Review

Wow! I loved this book!! I tend to like these type of books though. Lol. This is about two lawyers who go against each other in court. It’s told in both Peyton and Booker’s POV. A case brings them together in a sex club. They decide what happens in the club, stays at the club but it doesn’t last like that for long. It was a light BDSM book. They struggle with the ethics of being together and their complicated pasts. There was definitely twists and turns but I loved the ending! This is a book I would reread. Lol. I’ll definitely have to check out more of her books!

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Have you read any books like this that you would recommend? What books have you been reading lately? Thanks so much for stopping by!!

xoxo, Amber 💋

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