Chit Chat with Am

Chit Chat with Am

Hey babes! I’ve been meaning to do another chit chat post but I just kept putting it off. It still feels weird to open myself up to the internet. Lol. You might want to grab yourself a drink and a snack because this is going to be a long one!

Life Lately

If you read my last chit chat then you know we lost my grandma at the beginning of the year. A few months later we lost my great grandma so it’s been a rough year, to say the least. I’ve also been in kind of a weird mood and I guess you could say I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. Lol. Seeing all my friends getting married and having babies on facebook makes me wonder if I’ll ever have that. Ever since I turned 25 (last year) I’ve been freaking out about getting close to 30. Haha. I know I still have time but something about that number is messing with me! Lol.

On my way to work a few weeks ago my tire literally flew off while I was driving. YES, flew off while I was driving 60 mph!! It was probably one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had! I’m so thankful that I didn’t flip my truck or cause an accident! We are pretty sure someone tried stealing my tires and loosened my lug nuts but got spooked by Teddy Bear, our Rottweiler. Needless to say that once my truck gets fixed, it’ll be locked in the shed. AND we are looking into cameras. How sad is that? We never did find my tire. Yay for having to buy new truck tires. Lol.

On to a more lighter subject! Haha. A few months ago I chopped off my hair and started to go back towards my natural dirty blonde color!! You can see the insta post here but I’m still loving it! My hair was so damaged from the bleach but it feels so much more healthy now! I’m going to take a break from coloring it for awhile.

This has been the year of concerts. Lol. So far I’ve seen Scotty McCreery, Josh Turner, Gary Allen, Jon Pardi, Miranda Lambert (my fav!). Kacey Musgraves, Shania Twain, Raelynn, Michael Ray, and Martina McBride! Can you tell I love country music?! Lol. Tonight I’m going with my sissy to see 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul. I’ve wanted to see them forever so I’m so so excited!!

My nephew turned 2! Gahh!! I can’t believe that little man is already that old! He seriously acts like a little man too! Lol. He’s so smart and wants to do everything PawPaw does. How is it that he’s only 2 but already soo expensive?!

Brexdon and Lucy in Grave Digger

Brexdon & his sidekick, Lucy.

2018 Goals Update

I thought I’d do an update on the goals I made since the year is almost half over!

Blog: Haha! I haven’t been any better about sending my newsletter out. This is one of the things I want to focus on next month! I really would like to put out 2-3 blog posts a week but I know that’s not realistic right now. I’ve decided that starting in August, I’ll have a new post up every Friday! There might occasionally be an extra blog post or two but I’m not forcing that on myself.

I never did buy softboxes. I’ve been using my lightbox and it’s been working fine for now. I would like to get a set at some point though! I stopped using my sister’s Nikon. I was having problems with the coloring being too cool and getting the settings right for taking pictures inside at night. It’s just easier at this point to use my iPhone 7+ and then edit them. I think they come out pretty good! I’ve been doing the 52 weeks savings challenge so I should have enough saved for a nice camera by the end of the year. I’m hoping to find a good deal on Black Friday or the holidays. I’m leaning towards a Canon 80D with a 50mm lens to start out. What do y’all use?!

Budget: I’ve been doing better about saving and not spending as much on stupid stuff. Lol. I even paid off one of my credit cards. Woo hoo!! I just have one to go!

Fitness: I have to admit I haven’t been eating the healthiest lately. It’s been more out of laziness and not wanting to cook. Lol. I am pretty proud of how much water I’ve been drinking though! I’m going back on my diet next week so wish me luck! I just need to go grocery shopping. Goodbye $100. Why does the healthy stuff always got to be so expensive?!

Reading: Haha!! I’m not even sure how many books I’ve read in the last few months. OOPS! I was reading so much that it got overwhelming to review every single one on Goodreads. I’ve kind of been in a book slump. I started a bunch of books but I just wasn’t in the mood for them. Lol. I’ve also slowed down a bit on how much I’m reading and have been re-reading books that I LOVED! At some point, I’ll get around to adding all the books I read to Goodreads. Lol.

The Blog

This year will be one year since I went self-hosted and changed my blog name. I’m so so happy I did! I wish I would have started out with a self-hosted blog! You have so many more options! I highly recommend Siteground (<– referral link)! I’ve had no issues out of them and they were quick to help me with any of my questions.

New Look: Did y’all realize xoxo, Am got a bit of a makeover? I had been wanting a new header but nothing was ever quite right. I found Claire from Aloha Lola Cards on Twitter and fell in love with her work! I sent her pictures, told her my vision, and she drew the images from those. She exceeded my expectations and was so easy to work with! I also changed my colors to black with a bit of pink because ya know they are my favorite colors!! I’m still not completely sold on the fonts I’m using right now. I think within the year I’ll be looking for a new theme too.

Series: I need to get back on working on the different series I’ve started!

Brand Focus

+ Makeup Collection & Declutter

+ Mascara Monday

Which was your favorite? Do y’all even want to see empties reviews?? I have a ton of empties saved but they always take so long to write. Lol.

Planner: I mostly use a planner for the blog. I keep track of when bills are due and activities in my phone’s calendar. I still feel like I haven’t found the perfect planner yet. Within the last few years, I’ve tried ring bound, disc bound, coiled, bullet journal style, and a travelers notebook. I’m never completely happy with them. I think part of my problem is I don’t carry my planner with me everywhere. So I decided to try a digital planner again! I’ve used Trello in the past. I always have multiple lists going so I think it’ll work well for me this time. Are you a digital or paper planner person? What are you using?!

I hope this wasn’t too rambly! Let me know what blog posts you want to see next! I hope y’all have an amazing weekend!

xoxo, Am ♥


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