Book Review: Disgraced by Natasha Knight

Book Review: Disgraced by Natasha Knight

Hey babes! Happy Friday!! I have another book review for you! 😊 I received an advance copy of Disgraced by Natasha Knight and wow it was so good!!


Disgrace: the condition of one fallen from grace.

She is my forbidden fruit. The one temptation I cannot resist.

The first night…

I rescued her from an attack in the seedy underground of New York City.

The second night…

She told me the first of many lies.

She thinks she can keep me out of her world, but she’s in over her head. Watching her, being near her, it gives breath to something dark inside me. Something primal and forbidden. Forbidden to me.

Because in six months, I’ll be an ordained priest.

And she complicates things.

She thinks she is my disgrace. Truth is, my fall had begun the moment I’d laid eyes on her.

My Review!

Ohh my goodness!! This book was hot!! I’m still fanning myself! 🙈😂 I didn’t think a book about a soon to be priest could be but boy was I wrong!  It was sexy, dirty, and really surprised me with the twists and turns! Lina is dealing with demons from her past and Damon is a hot, dominate man who just wants to do is save her. They weren’t supposed to fall in love but they couldn’t stop the attraction. I really liked both of the main characters! Their chemistry was off the charts! After reading this, I’ll definitely have to check out some of her other books!

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This book is a must read if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself! Lol. 😁😂 No but seriously, I absolutely loved this book and think you should check it out if you are into sexy romance books! Thanks so much for stopping by!! You’ll have to let me know what you’ve been reading!

xoxo, Amber 💋

**An ARC was provided for an honest review. Links are unaffiliated and as always, these are my honest thoughts!**