DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial

Hey babes! It’s time time for part 2 of my gel polish series! Part 1 was about what supplies you need to get started with gel nails. Check that out for prices, a full list of products, and links! If you want to know the steps to get this easy at home gel manicure, keep reading!

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial 2


1. First off, your nails need to be completely clean! Remove any old polish. I’ll have a post up next week on how to remove gel polish!

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial 3

2. Trim/file your nails and push back your cuticles. Remove any dry/dead skin. Lightly buff your nails with a buffing block. You are just wanting to take the shine off, so don’t go crazy!


3. Dehydrate nails. Wipe nails with a lint free wipe & nail cleanser. Some people just use alcohol for this step but I haven’t tried that. If you are having a problem with your polish peeling, you might want to try a dehydrator.

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial 6

4. Apply base coat. I like to work in sections. I do my left four fingers, then my right, and then my thumbs together last. You’ll want to apply a very thin coat of each polish. Make sure you cap the end of your nails on each coat too! Be careful not to get any polish on your skin. If you do, use an orange stick (or this amazing Red Carpet Manicure tool) to clean up around your nails BEFORE you cure them. If you allow the polish touching your skin to harden, it might cause your polish to peel up later on.

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial 7

5. Cure nails. The lamp I’m currently using only takes 30 seconds but different lamps and polishes vary. Just read the bottle and it’ll let you know how long it needs to be cured for! Your nails will be tacky until the end. It’s important that you don’t let anything touch them.

6. Apply color polish. Remember to use thin coats and to cap the ends! Clean up any mess before you cure. Your nails might look streaky but it’ll even out after another coat or two. It’s important you don’t use too thick of a coat.

7. Cure nails.

8. Apply second coat of color polish. For most polishes I only use two coats but some polishes need three.

9. Cure nails. Apply third coat if necessary and cure nails again.

DIY Gel Nail Polish Tutorial 11

10. Apply top coat. Don’t forget to do a thin coat, cap the ends, and clean up any mess before curing!

11. Cure nails.

12. Remove tacky layer. Your nails will still feel tacky until you wipe them off with a nail cleanser/alcohol.

You’re done now! Your nails are completely dry and you don’t have to worry about smudging them! You might want to apply cuticle oil and hand cream, especially if you removed your polish with acetone. Acetone can really start to dry out your cuticles. If you follow all the steps correctly, your nails should last up to 2-3 weeks! I find that varies depending on what color polish I’m using and what I’m doing. I normally get at least a week. That’s pretty amazing for me! Regular polish chips the next day on me.

Check back next week for a tutorial on how to remove gel polish and don’t forget to check out part 1 in the series! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Let me know if you have any questions!

xoxo, Amber 💋

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