Mascara Monday: Essence Lash Princess Review

Mascara Monday: Essence Lash Princess Review

Hey babes!! I hope you had a good weekend! I’m super excited to start my mascara series! I have way too many to work though! I’m super picky about mascaras. I have short stubby lashes and it takes something special for me to like it! Lol. First up.. Essence’s Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara!

Mascara Monday Essence Lash Princess 2


I bought mine for $4.99 from Target. They have free shipping if you have a red card! Ulta also carries Essence!

My Thoughts

The whole reason I got this mascara is because it is supposed to be a dupe for It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I’m not sure if I think this is a dupe yet. I’ll have to try them on side by side but I did really like it! Let me know if you would like to see a post of me comparing them!

Mascara Monday Essence Lash Princess 3

This mascara had a tapered natural bristle wand. I tend to prefer natural bristles. It didn’t flake or smudge on me! It also didn’t make my eyes itch. Some mascaras do that. I definitely noticed extra volume and a bit of length. I like to build it up but it does have the ability to become clumpy though! I had to go back through my lashes with a mascara comb on a few days.

Mascara Monday Essence Lash Princess 4

Would I Recommend? 

If you like natural bristle mascara wands and don’t mind a slightly clumpy mascara, I think you might like it! I would say it’s one of the best mascaras from the drugstore that I’ve tried!

Would I Repurchase? 

Unless it dries out super quick I could see myself  repurchasing it!

Up Next! 

This week I’m using Loreal’s Voluminous Original Mascara! What would you like to see me try next? My first post with the full list of mascaras I’m wanting to use up this year are here!

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