Foundation Showdown | Bare Minerals vs. Tarte! 

Foundation Showdown | Bare Minerals vs. Tarte! 

Last year I stopped using liquid foundation and switched to powder. I think it looks so much more natural even though it’s powder and I have dry skin! If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know what my favorite foundation is or if you’ve seen my February Favorites post.  Lol. Over the last year I’ve pretty much only used two powders from Tarte & Bare Minerals. Keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts on both!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Price: $36 | Sephora

My shade: fair honey

This was the first powder foundation I had used in years! I got it in a special Mother’s Day sale. At first I loved it! After using heavy liquid foundations for so long I really liked the lighter coverage. The color matched me pretty decent when I got it. The lightest shade was slightly too dark but I could make it work. It didn’t cover up all my freckles or sun spots but it did a pretty good job at covering up some of my redness. My problem with this powder is after a few months the color oxidized in the container and it ended up being way too orange for my fair skin! It was pretty disappointing that I was only able to use it for a few months! That’s why I finally decided to try Bare Minerals!

Bare Minerals Original Foundation
Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Fair

Price: $28.50 | Sephora

My shade: fair

Honestly I was in love the first time I tried this powder!! It was my perfect match! They actually had a powder light enough for my skin! The lightest shade!! 😂 I matched myself at Sephora because every time they match me, they always go a shade or two too dark for my liking. Does anyone else have that problem?! I love that I can get full coverage if I want but most of the time I go for light or medium coverage. It’s definitely buildable! It covers my redness which is my biggest issue. With a light coverage it doesn’t cover all of my freckles or sun spots but I don’t mind that! It does cover them if I build it up though! I’ve realized that I like a lighter coverage most days. I love that the sifter twists! I can easily travel with this without it making a mess! I’ve had this since August-ish and I don’t think it looks like the color has changed at all!

Final Thoughts..

I definitely think the Bare Minerals powder is worth checking out! It’s become my holy grail!! It can give me better coverage than the Tarte powder and the color never changed! Also, it’s cheaper and they have a huge color selection!

Have you tried either one of these? Do you like powder foundations? If so, what’s your favorite??

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