Madam Glam VIP Box! 

Madam Glam VIP Box! 

Hey babes! This month I somehow stumbled on Madam Glam’s gel polish. I knew they had regular polish but I didn’t know they had gel! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you probably know that I’ve become obsessed with gel polish! It lasts so much longer and I love that it’s completely dry once I’m done!

Madam Glam VIP Box 2

This subscription box is different than most. You get to pick the 3 polishes you want each month! It is $29, which isn’t bad since their gel polishes retail for $19.95! If you aren’t interested in signing up for the box, they are always running some type of sale! You should never have to pay full price!

Madam Glam VIP Box 3

It was so hard to narrow it down to only three polishes but I wanted to try a bit of everything! They have so many colors & formulas! I got Stardust, The Affair, & It’s a Funny World. I can get between 1-2 weeks with these polishes depending on what I am doing. That’s pretty average for most gel polishes. Here are some swatches!


Madam Glam Stardust

Stardust is a gold and silver glitter polish. I used three coats but I think I would have been fine with two. This one is so much more gorgeous in person!!

The Affair

Madam Glam The Affair _ Stardust

The Affair is a cat eye polish. It requires a magnet to make the different effects. I bought theirs. It was an extra $2. It was really easy to do! The picture above has three coats. The accent nail is Stardust. I’m planning on purchasing a few more of these! I think they are so cool!

It’s a Funny World

It’s a Funny World is a chameleon (color changing) polish. It’s a light pinkish purple when warm and dark purple, almost blue when cold. I used three thin coats. I love this one!! It was featured in my recent favorites! I actually just put it back on my nails. Lol. I think I’m going to pick all chameleon’s in my next box!

Final Thoughts..

I defnitely think this subscription box is worth it if you like gel polish! I love that I get to pick whatever colors I want!

Have you heard of this subscription box? Who else loves gel polish?! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

xoxo, Amber 💋

**Purchased by me. Links are unaffiliated and as always, these are my honest thoughts!**