Revlon Shoot the Moon Collection Review

Revlon Shoot the Moon Collection Review

Hey babes! I haven’t been buying a whole lot of makeup from the drugstore lately but I walked past this collection and fell in LOVE! It’s from Revlon and called the Shoot the Moon Collection. It seems to only be available at Walgreens. Not everything is available online though. I definitely recommend checking your store! They had a pretty decent size display. I haven’t seen anyone talk about these so I wanted to share my thoughts!

Revlon Shoot the Moon Collection Review

+ Glow Gelee in Moon Glow: Ohh my goodness, this is gorgeous!! It definitely has a gelee type formula. It felt like it wouldn’t dry down but it actually did! It’s a pretty champagne sparkly glitter highlighter. It’s not as smooth as some but I didn’t find the glitter off-putting. I was surprised by how much I liked it!

+ Super Lustrous Metallic Lipstick in So Starry: This is a fun metallic lavender with a pink and blue shimmer. It is a bit sheer and needs to be built up but once it is, it is definitely metallic! That being said, it is a bit gritty feeling. That wouldn’t stop me from wearing it though!

+ Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Purple Aura: This is a deep purple almost burgundy shade. It was super smooth and felt really nice on the lips! It’s going to be a great fall color!

+ Super Lustrous Lip Lacquer in Mystic Mist: This is a pale lavender with pink, blue, & maybe purple shimmer? It’s soo pretty!! I could just barely feel the glitter and it wasn’t sticky at all! It’s the type of lipgloss that I would use as a lip topper but it looks good on its own too. It’s just not as pigmented as the other lipgloss. If you get one thing from this collection, I highly recommend this lipgloss!!

I just wanted to mention that both lipglosses have a brush applicator instead of the usual doe foot. The brush was already starting to fray a little and came out with way too much product on it. Once some of the product was wiped off, it was a little easier to use. I didn’t mind the brush applicator but I probably would have preferred a doe foot.

+ Super Lustrous Lip Lacquer in Cosmic Queen: This is a hot pink with blue shimmer. It might have some purple in it too. It’s a pigmented lipgloss so it’s something I’d probably wear on top of a lip liner.

Revlon Shoot the Moon Collection Swatches

Purple Aura, So Starry, Cosmic Queen, Mystic Mist, Moon Glow

Overall Thoughts

This is such a pretty collection and I’m really happy with everything! The products were a bit pricey though. Everything was around the $10 mark. I also wanted to mention that there are 2 cheek palettes, 4 eye paints, 2 highlighters, 4 lipglosses, 4 metallic lipsticks, 8 matte lipsticks, and 4 nail polishes. I’m planning on picking up one of the eye paints if my Walgreens still has it and I might get a few more lipsticks. Lol.

Have you seen this collection in your Walgreens? Did you pick anything up? Let me know if you want me to do lip swatches of the lip products!

xoxo, Am ♥